Dr. Meeta Gupta a family physician practicing since last 30 years, trained from Lady Harding Medical College New Delhi also offers Antenatal Checkups to expecting mothers.

Basic essential care recommended for all pregnant women
    1. All pregnant women are counseled for regular Antenatal visits. Minimum one visit in first trimester, monthly visits till 30 weeks, every 2 weekly till 36 weeks and weekly visits till delivery
    2. Blood investigations for Hb, Blood grouping and Rh Typing, VDRL, Blood sugar–R, and a Routine Urine examination with albumin & sugar are done.
    3. A repeat Hb and Urine Sugar to be done in third trimester
    4. Immunization with 2 doses of Td / TT
    5. Iron, Folic Acid and Calcium Supplements
    6. At least one Ultrasound for congenital anomalies should be done before 20 weeks of pregnancy.
    7. Delivery by a doctor or a trained birth attendant
    8. Education on nutrition, diet and hygiene
    9. Education in breast feeding and birth spacing and contraception methods

Besides the basic essential ANC the following are also offered

1. Counseling & screening for HIV, HbsAg, HCV testing, Thallesemia, Down’s syndrome
2. Repeat blood for Hb, Blood sugar screening and Urine Evaluation in each trimester
3. Ultrasound evaluation once in each trimester
4. Institutional delivery recommended
5. Additional screening for infections, growth retardation, thyroid dysfunctions Visits can be shared between the Specialist and your General Physician with facilities for follow up of treatment as advised by super specialists.