What is Lipo-laser?

Lipo-Laser was designed to specifically address spot fat reduction (or inch loss) and body contouring.

Administered in relaxing 20-30 minute sessions, Lipo-Laser provides inch loss, but without the surgery, the pain, or the extensive recovery time. By directly targeting adipose cells (or fat cells) the Lipo-Laser offers a safe and effective spot fat reduction solution that can be applied to multiple problem areas including.

The Science

Lipo-Laser uses laser energy to safely (and painlessly) penetrate the skin and target specific adipose (or fat) cells. It is through this targeted process that the Lipo-Laser is able to in fact stimulate the cell itself into releasing water, free fatty acids, and glycerol. Having released these three compounds, water, free fatty acids, and glycerol (often referred to as Triglycerides), the fat cells “shrink” significantly, resulting in inch loss for patients!

How does the Lipolaser Compare to Natural Weight Loss?

The human body is an energy machine; it intakes fuel (caloric intake), it converts the fuel into an energy source and stores it (as triglycerides in fat cells), and then releases it when the need arises (fat cells release stored triglycerides). The challenge in this fantastic process is that sometimes the body stores more energy than it needs in its fat cells, resulting in an increase in an individual’s physical size. Thus, it is by targeting this excess energy storage, and by further stimulating the body to undergo its natural process of releasing it, LipoLaser achieves its impressive results.

How it Works

LipoLaser paddles containing laser diodes that emit specific wavelengths of light designed to target fat cells (630 – 680nm) are placed on the patient’s skin for 10- 30 minutes per treatment area. Laser energy safely and painlessly penetrates several millimeters into the subcutaneous adipose or fat tissue layer. The adipose cell walls are made permeable for a temporary period allowing cell contents to spill out into the interstitial space. The fat (in the form of triglycerides) is converted to free fatty acids(FFA’s), water and glycerol.

The triglycerides are released from the fat cells and the body uses them as an energy source. The fat cells then “shrink” significantly resulting in inch loss and the removal of cellulite.

Where does the fat go?

The fat is absorbed by the lymphatic system where it gets broken down and then processed by the liver and then gets converted as an energy source. This natural process allows your body to excrete the fat and it leaves your body through your natural waste mechanisms.

This makes the LipoLaser so attractive. LipoLaser is safe, natural, and holistic in its approach to helping you reduce the fat where you want it…with No Side effects.

What can I expect?

You can relax in a comfortable position while a Lipo-Laser technician secures the multi-diode paddles and probes to the target area. In 10 minute intervals, you are free to relax, read and listen to music.

What happens after a treatment?

You are free to resume normal activities immediately after each session-including exercise.

How quickly will I see results?

The standard treatment protocol consists of two – three, 20-30 minute treatment sessions every week for 3 weeks. Best results are achieved with doing active exercises especially cardiovascular after a session to burn the excess fat out.

Advantages of the Lipo-Laser treatment.


No injections.

Pinpoints target treatment areas.

No swelling, bruising or dimpling post treatment.

Completely painless.

No side effects (selectively radiates only fat)

Body contouring and reduction of cellulite.

Reduction of fat cells, cell regeneration, improves circulation.

Intense exercise after treatment accelerates the breakdown and removal of fat from the area to make the effects of laser lipolysis permanent.

Lipo-Laser is shown to release 40 to 60 grams of fat during a typical 20-30 minute waistline treatment equals to around 400-600 calories of energy.

Treatment and costs of laser fat reduction procedure

Best results could achieve in a course of eight treatments for each body area, over four to six weeks. However it is possible to get results from as few as 4-6 treatments.

Introductory offer-Ultrasound Cavitation + RF Slimming + Laser Lipo – 1500 RS /session all inclusive