Stem Cell Treatment

We have achieved successful results conducting this process on patients suffering from baldness. The stem cells are then injected into that area of the scalp suffering from baldness or thinning of hair. Through this method, it is possible to see visible results in hair growth in about two to four weeks.

New hair growth is absolutely possible

What is stem cell therapy is perhaps a question many people would like to know and the answer is it lies in the basics of our own body. The basic part of all our bodies is the Cell and we have millions and trillions of these within our bodies. These cells are born, grow old and are replaced by a new set and the process continues regularly within our body. When people start losing their hair it simply means that the cells in their scalp are unable to process hair growth and baldness sets in. It is with stem cell that the dead cells in the scalp are replaced with a fresh new set that enables growth of new hair and amazing success stories have been scripted with this therapy, world over.

It revitalizes growth orientation

When fresh new cells are injected straight into the scalp it helps to replace the dead cells, these new cells begin activating the area and new blood cells are activated in this region. Since there is a major revitalization of the scalp it enables, new hair to start growing back again.

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