Thread Lifts

The No-Surgery Face Lifting Alternative

Thread lifts is a popular and effective treatment for a sagging and ageing face. The threads when placed under the skin, they can be used to tighten and volumize areas of the skin that are loose or sagging.

Thread lifts are a convenient ‘lunchtime’ facial rejuvenation alternative, that requires no general anesthesia, hospitalisation or long recovery, and gives immediate results that continue to improve up to 2 months after the procedure. They can be performed in various areas of the face and body, to target specific problem areas, or used to give an overall facial rejuvenation from the brows to the neck area.

Thread lifts are an ideal option for those who want a natural yet unmistakable improvement, without all the stress and worries of a full surgical procedure.

What can Thread Lifting do?

Thread lifts can be a great way to rejuvenate and restore youthful contours to areas such as the brows, cheeks, jowls and the neck area. They can also be used to give youthful tone to areas on the body such as the breasts, buttocks and upper arms, places that are prone to sagging and loss of volume due to weight loss, poor muscle tone, or the aging process.

The benefits of a thread lift include shaping and lifting, and can give dramatic results that last from 18 months up to 5 years, depending on the type of thread used.

Thread lifts are a good option for those aged 30 to 60 years, for whom gentle sagging may be apparent, but collagen deposits are still enough for regeneration. Younger patients who want to improve their facial contours, or those with facial asymmetry may also consider this treatment.

Areas which can be treated include

Nasolabial folds – lift and tighten cheek contours to reduce nasolabial folds

Jowls – lift lower jaw area to improve and tighten jowl shape and contour

Neckline – reduce turkey neck effect and return youthful contours to neckline

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